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BeeX manufactures Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, leveraging self-driving technology to overcome the high operational costs and risks of underwater infrastructure inspections.

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Grace Chia

Co-founder & CEO

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Goh Eng Wei

Co-founder & CTO

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About BeeX


The existing methods of underwater inspection are pollutive and largely dependent on the skill of robot pilots or divers. Divers are put in dangerous situations and result in a subjective and inconsistent assessment of the condition of the asset. To save time and costs, often data sampling is done instead of inspecting every square inch of an asset which can lead to faults being missed. In addition, the surface vessels required to transport personnel to off-shore assets to complete the inspections are heavy emitters of carbon emissions.


Beex’s Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HAUVs) reduce the costs and environmental footprint arising from topside vessels

Our HAUVs have completed inspection at anchorages, moorings, floating solar farms, vessels, jetties and tanks. They are currently also carrying out inspections at underwater structures at fish farms and off-shore wind farms.

Our vehicle’s autonomy means we can inspect every part of an asset much faster than before, so customers have a complete assessment at a lower cost.


Our differentiator is our autonomous capability in shallow waters. This autonomy allows for inspections to be objective across the whole plant, safer and carbon friendly. We can also position anomalies in an asset at the end of the day, whereas current solutions take weeks.

Biggest Achievements

Operated across seven sites in Singapore including Shell at Bukom Island (through a contracted service provider to Shell) and two government agencies. PTTEP in Thailand was an early customer. Have booked revenue from 2021-2023.

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